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I tried finally to get rid of tables for layout. This is with respect to the layout boxes, menu on the left, etc. The main part of this site are (still) the picture galleries and I do not see a problem in presenting a bunch of pictures in a tabular way. Its sufficiently of "tabular nature" that a table should be justified. I removed all formatting from the <table> and <td> tags and put that into base.css. One even rather slim css file is valid for all pages and The top and left menu are included via Sever Side Includes (SSI). That's why right now you can't see in the menu where you are in the directory hierarchy (different color on the link or something like that). Also for the one nested Picture index (North India) it would be nice to show the additional link or exchange the menu for another one. Maybe some time.

This site completely validates as html4.01 strict and css with the web Standard from using the online html and the css validator service.

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This site looks like crap...

If the new layout comes out "all wrong" its because your browser claims to understand CSS but doesn't (like netscape version 4.x and Internet explorer 4.x). The page might show overlapping boxes and simlar things, but from my testing this does not make things unreadable or unuseable. If your browser makes the pages not functional (i.e. you can't use the menu) please mail me and I might be able to improve the site. Apart from that you might be able to help yourself by:

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I found quite a few Websites very helpful for creating this Website.

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A nice little tool to obfuscate E-mail addresses in Webpages is a 'perl-oneliner' published at
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